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Nyílt tudományos Fórum 7.

Miklós Györffi
Tamás Biró
Andrea Balla
János Mohácsi
Gyöngyi Karácsony
Ákos Lencsés
Panna Petra Perényi
András Holl
Bence Kun
2 months ago - 2:06:29

Komondor 3D hologram videó

8 months ago - 3:28

A more exact interpretation of IRMPD spectroscopic

Blagoj Achevski 12 months ago - 16:49

Study of magnetic properties of nanoclusters

Dr. Yurii Chumakov 12 months ago - 16:52

Computational physics in NI4OS-Europe and the

Dr. Bojana Koteska 12 months ago - 13:20

Sandpaper: exporting edge computing to EOSC

Dr. Katja Gilly 12 months ago - 12:14