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Natural sciences

Cloud service for automatic image mosaicking and

Dr. Milutin Radonjić 12 months ago - 15:41

Computational climate science and systems in

Dr. Hrachya Astsatryan 12 months ago - 13:57

Reduced precision chemical kinetics in atmospheric

Kyriakos Sofokleous 1 year ago - 15:06

Climate Science in NI4OS-Europe and the region

Dr. Theo Christoudias 1 year ago - 19:45

Remote sensing scene classification

Dr. Vladimir Risojevic 1 year ago - 19:03

Airquality prediction service

Dr. Boro Jakimovski 1 year ago - 16:33

HPC for germline variant calling pipeline for

Dr. Mirjana Novkovic 1 year ago - 20:06

Targeting protein-membrane interfaces using NI4OS

Dr. Alexios Catzigoulas 1 year ago - 17:20

Hiperméretű felhő a magyar kutatói gyakorlatban a

Dr. Ádám Feldmann 2 years ago - 5:51

Hiperméretű felhő a magyar kutatói gyakorlatban a

Gábor Varga
Bence Kővári
Dr. Ádám Feldmann
2 years ago - 22:47

Az informatikai infrastruktúra monitorozása és

Gábor Horváth 2 years ago - 18:15

A hálózati infrastruktúra monitorozása az ELTE-n

Gábor Horváth 2 years ago - 37:38