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Official launch of FET-flagship pilots


Official launch of FET-flagship pilots

FET Flagships are science-driven, large-scale research partnerships
pursuing a unifying goal of achieving major scientific and technological
breakthroughs over a time period of approximately 10 years.
In order to prepare these FET Flagships, Neelie Kroes will launch
six so-called FET-Flagship Pilots. Each will deliver a FET Flagship
proposal with a complete feasibility, strategic research roadmap and
an implementation description by mid-2012. At that time two candidates
are to be selected from the six pilots. The two fully-fledged
FET Flagships are expected to start in 2013.

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A magyar szuperszámítógép (HPC), The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition

Pharmacological sciences, Informatics, Future technology, Nanotechnology (Materials technology)

Neelie Kroes (lecturer)
Hans Lehrach (lecturer)
Jari Kinaret (lecturer)
Steven Bishop (lecturer)
Henry Markram (lecturer)
Paolo Dario (lecturer)
Adrian Ionescu (lecturer)


4 May, 2011

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9 May, 2011

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