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Whither the European Social Model?

Whither the European Social Model? (10)

International scientific conference in honour of ZSUZSA FERGE on her 85th birthday

Nemzetközi tudományos konferencia FERGE ZSUZSA 85. születésnapja tiszteletére


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Welcome speech

Dr. Barna Mezey 8 years ago - 11:50

A Budapesti Fesztiválzenekar (BFZ) meglepetése

Tímea Iván
Barna Juhász
Rita Sovány
8 years ago - 12:24


Éva Orosz 8 years ago - 12:16

Structural Social Policy the Central Pillar

Adrian Sinfield 8 years ago - 26:05

Center, periphery, shadow. A new geopolitical

Georg Vobruba 8 years ago - 20:42

Taxation in Hungary and Europe

Zsuzsa Ferge 8 years ago - 32:46

Closing speech

Gábor Juhász 8 years ago - 12:35

Presenting the website prepared for the event

Gábor Juhász 8 years ago - 1:10