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NETTIES 2004 Conference

NETTIES 2004 Conference (50)

EATA yearly conference
The international non-governmental organization, the European Association for Telematic Applications (EATA), has been organizing the Netties Conferences for ten years to facilitate the extensive use and application of the info-communication and telecommunication technologies in the European Union. In compliance with the above mentioned objective, the lectures and the sections held in this years conference are going to deal mainly with the role of the info-communication technologies (ICT) in education and try to provide a solution for how to utilize efficiently these means of the information and digital society in the teaching-learning process...

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The most recent issues of authentication and

Dr. Bálint Molnár 14 years ago - 29:04

Hungarian Student Card

Tibor Rovó 14 years ago - 22:12

The Application of Chipcards in the Process of

Márton Hegyi 14 years ago - 48:07

NIIF/HUNGARNET Directory Service

Kristóf Bajnok
Zsuzsanna Magyar
14 years ago - 24:12

Identifying Digital Responsibilities

Mónika Ficsor 14 years ago - 20:31


András Galambosi 14 years ago - 10:36

Open Archives Initiative

András Micsik 14 years ago - 24:07

Consumer Acceptability of DRM Technologies

Zoltán Hornák 14 years ago - 22:48

Problem Based User Education in the Medical

Dr. PhD. Márta Virágos 14 years ago - 19:56

Author Law - EU and Hungary

Dr. Péter Benjámin Tóth 14 years ago - 18:30

Electronic Information Service (EISZ)

Ágnes Téglási 14 years ago - 29:11