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Policy studies

Open Science Cloud in the Southeast European

Dr. Ognjen Prnjat
René Buch
Dr. Michel Schouppe
12 months ago - 15:03


René Buch 12 months ago - 23:18

Policy aspects of EOSC - Q & A

Dr. Aneta Karaivanova
René Buch
János Mohácsi
12 months ago - 8:44

Open Science Cloud: Users' vision - Dr. Zoe

Dr. Zoe Cournia 12 months ago - 12:41

NOSCI case study: Bulgaria

Dr. Aneta Karaivanova 12 months ago - 14:27

Mandated organisation case study: KIFÜ, Hungary

János Mohácsi 12 months ago - 17:35

Open Science Cloud: Users' vision - Dr. Ljupco

Dr. Ljupco Pejov 12 months ago - 23:38

NI4OS-Europe catalogue and generic services

Dr. Dusan Vudragovic 12 months ago - 21:59

EOSC Working Groups

Dr. Ilias Papastamatio 1 year ago - 13:26

Open publishing services and OpenAIRE-Nexus

Natalia Manola 1 year ago - 22:55

EOSC Promoters in NI4OS-Europe

Vasiliki Koukounidou 1 year ago - 7:23