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Political sciences

Hová tart a hálózati technológia fejlődése?

József Tázló 8 years ago - 25:18

"Hol tartunk ma?"

Dávid Ritter 8 years ago - 31:27

Nyitó előadás

Vilmos Vályi-Nagy 8 years ago - 30:14

Rektori köszöntő

Dr. Ferenc Friedler 8 years ago - 4:45

e-Infrastructure needs of museums

Zsolt István Bánki
Dr. Gábor Palkó
9 years ago - 14:27

e-Infrastructure to serve Cultural Heritage

Wim Jansen 9 years ago - 32:38

M2M Going Urban

Misha Dohler 9 years ago - 13:45

Sustainability of "smart city ecosystems" by using

László Veilinger 9 years ago - 22:25

Developing the international co-operation

Ian Smith 9 years ago - 11:40

Opening speech

Neelie Kroes 9 years ago - 7:39

The Internet of Things: Back to the Future

Lara Srivastava 9 years ago - 17:32