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Software development

From computable functions to definable systems

Wolfgang Reisig 12 years ago - 41:36

Artificial biochemistry

Luca Cardelli 12 years ago - 44:49

Challenges of quantum informatics

Jozef Gruska 12 years ago - 45:26

Model checking, theorem proving, and abstract

Thomas Henzinger 12 years ago - 41:21

The German VeriSoft Project 2003-2007

Wolfgang J. Paul 12 years ago - 44:05

Temporal annotations and their validation

Amir Pnueli 12 years ago - 47:40

Have we learned from the Wasa disaster?

Jean-Raymond Abrial 12 years ago - 38:02

A million lines of verified code

Jim Woodcock 12 years ago - 40:26

The ideal of program correctness

Prof. Sir Tony Hoare 12 years ago - 42:46

Opening & welcome

Dr. Péter Szeredi
Dines Bjørner
Prof. Emer Ákos Detrekői
12 years ago - 11:49

Hálózati azonosság kezelése, biztonsági és

Tamás Zsemlye
Péter Fábián
12 years ago - 23:32