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Grand Challenges of Informatics

Grand Challenges of Informatics (16)

An Academia Europaea, Charles Simonyi and John von Neumann Computer Society International Symposium
The AE/IS `Charles Simonyi' Symposium: Grand Challenges of Informatics is a
major event. Some 14 of the nest computer scientists will, over two days,
present challenges within areas of 100% trustworthy software, quantum computing, biocomputing, economics and game theory, and the relations
between informatics and mathematics.  Thanks to Dr. Simonyi's donation the
event will host some 40 young scientists from Central and Eastern European countries.

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Main Issues of Computer Mathematics

Henk Barendregt 11 years ago - 46:45

Can we trust floating-point numbers?

Paul Zimmermann 11 years ago - 41:27

Computer algebra

Joachim von zur Gathen 11 years ago - 37:21

Formalisation (Proof-checking)

Laurent Théry 11 years ago - 38:07