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Megnyitó beszéd

László Lovász 5 years ago - 5:02


Dr. Prof. György Kosztolányi 5 years ago - 2:55

Semantic unity in the diversity of technologies

Szabolcs Szigeti 10 years ago - 10:55

Augmented Traceability with IoT: Use case demo for

Nicolas Pauvre 10 years ago - 19:03

Session introduction

Dávid Kétszeri 10 years ago - 5:21

The smarter city vision of IBM

Ferenc Pongrácz 10 years ago - 21:29

Smart cities and smart mobility

Dave Carter 10 years ago - 11:27

M2M Going Urban

Misha Dohler 10 years ago - 13:45

Sustainability of "smart city ecosystems" by using

László Veilinger 10 years ago - 22:25

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Budapest

Kornél Almássy 10 years ago - 14:42


Rudolf Mezei
John Connors
Christian Plenge
László Monostori
10 years ago - 11:05


Prof. Frédéric G. Thiesse 10 years ago - 4:53