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Applied informatics

Congestion control for WebRTC

PhD. Luca De Cicco
PhD. Luca De Cicco
6 years ago - 41:07

WebRTC: IETF Standards Update

Dr. Colin Perkins 6 years ago - 54:49

Welcome to the 5th TF-WebRTC

Mihály Mészáros
Péter Szegedi
6 years ago - 13:46

Real-time communication services infrastructure

Bartlomiej Idzikowski 6 years ago - 8:59

Open mic

Mihály Mészáros 6 years ago - 11:32

GN4-2 JRA4 T4

Péter Szegedi 6 years ago - 15:39

Closing and Next meeting (NORDUnet 2016)

Mihály Mészáros 6 years ago - 12:34

Welcome to the 4th TF-WebRTC

Mihály Mészáros 6 years ago - 16:44


Jan Meijer 6 years ago - 26:22

What's new in Firefox?

Alexandros Chronopoulos 6 years ago - 34:30