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Computer science

Properties of the square-lattice Hubbard model

Dr. Sonja Predin 4 months ago - 12:54

License clearance tool

Panagiota Koltsida 4 months ago - 7:26

Transport in strongly interacting electron-phonon

Dr. Veljko Jankovic 4 months ago - 18:32

Cloud service for automatic image mosaicking and

Dr. Milutin Radonjić 4 months ago - 15:41

Engineering pharmaceutical crystals

Dejan Kuneski 4 months ago - 13:38

NI4OS-Europe tools for service providers - Q & A

Dr. Prof. Anastas Mishev
Milica Ševkušić
Themis Zamani
4 months ago - 10:53

DAEDALUS: upcoming HPC regional collaboration

Dr. Evangelia Athanasaki 4 months ago - 14:02

Repository onboarding

Milica Ševkušić 4 months ago - 16:37

Open Science Cloud: Users' vision - Dr. Zoe

Dr. Zoe Cournia 4 months ago - 12:41

Hungarian HPC offering and future plans

Dr. Tamás Máray 4 months ago - 20:23

Pre-production environment and service onboarding

Dr. Prof. Anastas Mishev 4 months ago - 12:38

Open Science Cloud: Users' vision - Dr. Ljupco

Dr. Ljupco Pejov 4 months ago - 23:38