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Physical sciences

Generic services in Southeast European region - Q

Dr. Dusan Vudragovic
Dr. Tamás Máray
Dr. Evangelia Athanasaki
4 months ago - 6:39

NI4OS-Europe core services

Themis Zamani 4 months ago - 15:50

CHERE - Cultural Heritage Repository

Dr. Mihajlo Savic 4 months ago - 12:42

Life Sciences in NI4OS-Europe and the region

Dr. Zoe Cournia 4 months ago - 14:06

Cloud platform for discovery of targeted drug

Elena Kusevska 4 months ago - 15:36

C-SCALE: Enabling Copernicus Big Data Analytics

Dr. Christian Briese 4 months ago - 16:32

Az eduID újdonságai

Kristóf Bajnok
Tamás Frank
1 year ago - 23:46

Informatikai integráció a könyvtárügyben - az

Miklós Lendvay 1 year ago - 20:50

IoT megoldások intelligensjármű­-fejlesztésben

Zoltán Lajber
Kristóf Lajber
1 year ago - 28:00