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Internet technology


Wolfgang Kleinwächter
Ian Smith
Balázs Benyó
13 years ago - 19:51

IoT implementation in mobile environment

Balázs Benyó 13 years ago - 12:41

Opening speech

Neelie Kroes 13 years ago - 7:39

The governance dimension of the Internet of things

Wolfgang Kleinwächter 13 years ago - 17:08


Jörgen Gren
Nav Bains
Dag Inge Flatraaker
László Szetnics
13 years ago - 6:23

EPC strategy and workplan in the mobile payments

Dag Inge Flatraaker 13 years ago - 22:09

Simple, safe, mobile

Rudolf Mezei 13 years ago - 15:21

RFID Emissions Track and NFC Emissions Display

John Connors 13 years ago - 7:02

The connected customer

Christian Plenge 13 years ago - 18:53

Internet of Things: Shaping the future of

László Monostori
József Váncza
Elisabeth Ilie-Zudor
Zsolt Kemény
13 years ago - 12:33


Rudolf Mezei
John Connors
Christian Plenge
László Monostori
13 years ago - 11:05

Presentation by Barbara Daskal

Barbara Daskal 13 years ago - 5:02