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Digital content

Digital Preservation

Hannes Kulovits 12 years ago - 28:09

The French SPAR project

Jerôme Dupont 12 years ago - 34:50

SIARD (Software Independent Archiving of

Dr. Krystyna W. Ohnesorge 12 years ago - 14:36

e-Infrastructure needs of memory institutions

Dr. Lajos Vonderviszt 12 years ago - 17:32

MaNDA - Hungarian National Digital Archive

Lajos Lovas 12 years ago - 19:11

e-Infrastructure needs of museums

Zsolt István Bánki
Dr. Gábor Palkó
12 years ago - 14:27

E-infrastructure in archives

Zoltán Szatucsek 12 years ago - 21:00

Introduction to session ERANET DC-NET achievements

Rossella Caffo 12 years ago - 24:16

Report of DC-NET WP2

12 years ago - 8:39

The concept of e-Infrastructure - a paradigm shift

dr. László Kovács 12 years ago - 31:43

Report of DC-NET WP3

Börje Justrell
Christophe Dessaux
12 years ago - 11:23

Welcome from the director general of the National

Dr. Andrea Sajó 12 years ago - 2:17