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Internet technology

Security and Privacy in IoT: the role of secure

Gil Bernabeu 13 years ago - 12:19


Prof. Frédéric G. Thiesse 13 years ago - 4:53


András Jóri
Chiara Giovannini
Barbara Daskal
Gil Bernabeu
13 years ago - 15:01

The Internet of Things: Back to the Future

Lara Srivastava 13 years ago - 17:32

How will IoT change the future society?

Heikki Ailisto 13 years ago - 12:47

Internet of things - how to love people and use

Ovidiu Vermesan 13 years ago - 13:59

Data protection and beyond

András Jóri 13 years ago - 15:30

Privacy and data protection in the IoT age:

Chiara Giovannini 13 years ago - 6:59

Opening speech II.

Gérald Santucci 13 years ago - 18:27

Research trends of the Future Internet in Europe

Dr. László Pap 13 years ago - 13:19


Dr. Prof. László Zombory 13 years ago - 3:18


Dr. Prof. DSc Ferenc Szávai 13 years ago - 6:13